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Corporate Self-Defense Seminars

Workplace Violence

  • 2 million American workers report being the victim of workplace violence every year
  • Homicide is the 2nd leading cause of death for women in the workplace
  • 80% of active shooter incidents take place at businesses, schools and government facilities
  • Workplace violence contributes to: absenteeism, lost productivity, increased turnover, increased worker comp claims, increased litigation, increased security costs
  • It's estimated that non-fatal workplace violence costs the American workforce 36 billion per year


 •  Corporate Self-Defense
 •  Realtor Safety - FL Cont. Ed.
 •  Active Shooter Seminars
 •  Our Courses are:
 •  Empowering
 •  Engaging
 •  Unique
 •  Educational
 •  Condensed
 •  Customizable

Why Host a Corporate Seminar

  • OSHA requires employers to provide workplace violence training
  • Great for team-building
  • Increased employee confidence, well-being and morale
  • May reduce corporate liability
  • Increased overall safety in or out of the workplace
  • May reduce workplace violence incidents
  • Legal and moral obligation
  • Increase survivability
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Corporate Seminars