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School Safety

This page is dedicated to sharing ideas and resources to help increase the safety in our schools. We are proud to offer in-school and after school safety/self-defense  programs. These programs can provide students with information on DHS If You See Something, Say Something® Campaign, identifying unhealthy relationships, risk reduction strategies regarding their personal safety as well as the hands-on defensive techniques to provide realistic options and to increase their confidence if confronted with violence. We have provided courses at Florida State Community College Jacksonville, the University of North Florida, Jacksonville University, the Art Institute of Jacksonville, Girl Scouts of Gateway Council, Episcopal and others. Contact Us for more information or to bring a program to your school.


Resources Run, Hide, Fight Video - Learn how to respond to an active shooter event
Evan Video- Watch with your child to learning warning signs that should be reported Preparing High Quality School Emergency Action Plans - Is your school following this guidance or are they still hiding students under desks or huddled in corners?
Violence Prevention in Schools - Enhancement Through Law Enforcement Partnerships

PCAST - Parent/Child Active Shooter Training, Contact Us

TCAST - Teacher Active Shooter Training, Contact Us

Mass Casualty Shootings - Statistics The School Shooter - FBI, A Threat Assessment Perspective
Know The Signs - Identify warning signs and signals before an act of violence takes place Facts - Facts on gun violence

Things You Can Do Now

  • Be open and honest with yourself and your children about mental illness.
  • Get professional help if you suspect your child is dealing with mental illness, bullying or depression.
  • Keep guns out of reach of children. Even when hidden or locked, kids often find a way to access them.
  • Check your children's social media and their rooms. It's okay to snoop!
  • Stay engaged in your child's life. It can be hard sometimes but keep trying!
  • Teach your children the warning signs of potential violence to be aware of and let them know it's okay to tell.
  • Ask your children what they are currently doing during lock down drills in school. Can the training be improved?
  • Visit your child's school. Is it secure? Can more be done?
  • Talk to teachers, principals, administrators, board members and community leaders. Ask what the current policies are and what is being done to improve them.
  • Consider taking active shooter training with your child.